Institute of Food and Nutritional Sciences

About IFNS

The Department of Food Technology was established in 1980 as Barani Agricultural College Rawalpindi (which attained the status of University in 1994). During this period the department showed outstanding research and academic activities. This was reflected in the form of 37 gold medals and received national award "Salam Pakistan Award" on 14th August, 2005 from President of Pakistan, best university researcher award by the Chancellor of University in 2006 and best youth award by Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2006.

Moreover, Food processing unit was also established in 2004 which was inaugurated by the Chancellor of University. This processing unit provides practical training for students and local people and generate revolving funds for the research activities. Under this unit the department also conducted various food processing training programmes time to time. Combined efforts of faculty members resulted in the form of outstanding research publications in different well reputed journals with impact factor of more than 300 coupled with different research projects. It is furthermore added that recently 24 students (43%) of this department has been selected against the post of Food safety officer/ Assistant Food safety officer in Punjab Food Authority.

Keeping in view of these achievements and according to the current global scenario, there is a dire need to establish an institute that fulfills the current demand with reference to public health. This effort comes true by the kind supervision of worthy Vice Chancellor. As a result of this the department is now upgraded to the status of institute, "Institute of Food and Nutritional Sciences (IFNS) in 2016. This newly established institute consist of three Departments viz. Food Technology, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Safety and Quality Management.


To be recognized as an excellent research and teaching institution playing key role in the transformation of food industry to be competitive nationally and internationally with particular reference to food security, safety, quality and nutrition by producing competent professionals capable of achieving excellence in knowledge dissemination and implementation to meet the challenges of new millennium.

Mission statement

• The IFNS mission is to implement education, research and outreach programs designed to provide a safe, nutritious, and affordable food supply that enhance human health; and enhance the quality of life for people and communities through teaching, research and outreach programs.

• To prepare competent food technologists, nutritionists and dietetic practitioners for career and food safety officers which will improve the health of the nation through optimal food and nutrition practices.

• The program will be recognized for producing trained graduates with critical thinking and problem solving skills for careers pertaining to the diverse issues of food, nutrition and health.

Future Vision of IFNS

Pakistan has witnessed a rapid growth in food industries in the past three decades. National Institute of Food Science and Technology will provide the requisite facilities to promote the application of science and technology to all disciplines of food processing and preservation. The overall goal of the Institute is to assist in poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship and by creating opportunities for income generation within the micro-, small-, medium- and large-scale entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the Institute will also contribute to food and nutrition security through trained manpower. To maintain high ethical standards within the profession, following steps will be taken:

  • Establishment of Centre of Excellences in Human Nutrition and Dairy Technology
  • Establishment of new sections like Food Packaging, Food Services & Hospitality and Postharvest Technology
  • Facilities for out-reach activities to empower common masses
  • Reciprocal training programs for the benefit of industry and institution
  • Teachers training and capacity building in the disciplines of Food Technology and Human Nutrition

Job Related Areas

Some of the job areas in which the graduates of this institute may be placed are:

  • Food Safety Authorities at provincial and Federal levels
  • Research Organizations
  • Food Industries across the Pakistan and overseas
  • Academic jobs within schools, colleges and Universities
  • Planning Departments within provincial and Federal governments
  • National and international NGO`s
  • Pharma-industry
  • Food Inspectors
  • Internal and External auditors with reference to ISO 22000
  • Hospitals or other health-care facilities
  • Sports nutrition and corporate wellness programs
  • Nutrition-related business and industries
  • Private practice
  • Community and public health settings
  • Universities and medical centres
  • Research areas
  • Food safety managers