Department of Food Technology

About FT  

The Food Technology discipline deals with handling, processing, preservation and development of value-added food products to support the rapidly growing food industry in the 21st Century. Our graduates are of great strength for these food industries providing them skilled and knowledgeable force to run the food industries. There is a growing demand of food technologists at national level as well as in the Gulf countries. At present we are committed to offer degrees at Bachelor, Master and PhD level. At present around 300 students are enrolled in various degree programmes. This department have produced more than 500 graduates and among them 35 medals were awarded time to time. This department so far have produced 13 PhD students as well.



  • To produce qualified food technologists for Food industries, teaching and research organization.
  • To establish links between Teaching/ research institutions, government, commercial organizations and consumers.
  • To preserve, process and manipulate the agricultural crops to avoid post-harvest losses.
  • To provide consultancy and advisory services of food industries