The department of soil science is among the departments who have run the highest number of research and developmental projects in the whole Faculty of Crop and Food Sciences.

Ongoing projects

  • Isolation of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) from legume rhizosphere and their role in N2-fixation by legumes under rainfed conditions of Pothwar (PI, Prof. Dr. Safdar Ali)
  • Characterization & quantification of soil Iron oxides and their effect on P- Sorption (PI, Prof. Dr. Saleem Akhtar)
  • Isolation and identification of plant growth promoting N2-fixing soil bacteria using molecular techniques for improving legume-cereal cropping system (PI, Dr. Rifat Hayat)

  • Characterization of soil bacteria using moleculat techniques and response of cereal to associative N2-fixer and P-solubiliozers (P.I Dr. Rifat Hayat)

  • Projects completed

    Prof. Dr. Safdar Ali
    • Impact of tillage and cropping systems on profile moisture dynamics of Rawalpindi and Fatehjang regions
    • Management of legume N2-fixation for rainfed cereal production in Pakistan, Nepal and Australia
    • Sustainable grain legume cereal production systems through management of N2-fixation
    • Impact of integrated nutrient management on rainfed wheat production in Potohar
    • Impact of tillage systems, legume and Mulches on soil profile moisture dynamics and wheat production
    • Strengthening of department of soil Science and SWC
    Dr. Ghulam Jilani
    • Nature farming research centre- for biofertilizers
    • Development of agricultural systems in Chitral District, NWFP
    • Comparison of traditional and EM method of on-farm composting for crop production
    Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan
    • To evaluate suitability of sewage sludge as organic manure for crop production in potohar region
    • Recycling of Organic Wastes for Sustainable Crop Productivity
    Dr. Khalid Saifullah Khan
    • Dynamics of microbial biomass C, N, and P in rainfed soils under wheat maize production
    Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Lone
    • Residual nitrate status of cultivated lands and water pollution in barani area
    Prof. Muhammad Yousaf
    • Fertilizer use efficiency under moisture stressed conditions
    Dr. Rifat Hayat
    • Preparation of biofertilizer for improving legume N2-fixation and soil health

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