Department of Agricultural Extension

Arid Agriculture University was established in 1994 which was formerly a college named as Barani Agricultural College. The college started its functioning in 1979 in order to teach and train the arid zone area’s sons and daughters of the soil to fully utilize and develop the potentials of their lands and soils, on account of ameliorating the adverse agricultural conditions. The biggest challenge for the Barani zone is to provide food for the population of the area and for Pakistan. In Pakistan lot of Agric. research has been done in the area. Its results are needed to disseminate to the farmers, a highly committed and trained, well qualified Extensionists are needed. University Extension Department was established in 2003 and has developed curriculum to educate the students to the students of B. Sc (Hons.) Agriculture.


Most of the graduates are working in whole country and the progress of our students in the professional field is commendable. Initially, the course was offered as a supporting course for the students of B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture But, in 2003, the dire need of Agric. Extension specialization was felt, so, the Department of Agricultural Extension started functioning in full swing from 2003. Since then its growth and progress both in term of faculty, students and up gradation have been praiseworthy. Repercussions of all these possible efforts have produced multi-dimensional Agric. Extension specialists who have been rendering their services for the well being of common man generally and the country particularly.


The program of Agricultural Extension is designed to provide necessary skills in understanding Extension oriented activities in Agriculture. Its curriculum highlights the emerging issues of new and economically important agriculture and livestock in Pakistan. Moreover, the department is committed to quality teaching and research in the area of Agricultural Extension.


With the latest development in the field of Agricultural Extension, the Department regularly updates its curriculum. The Department provides a variety of study programs such as Communication and Journalism, writing of technical reports and articles, adoption of innovations, Cyber Extension, evaluation and monitoring, administration, supervision and research etc to foster students’ professional skills.


Department´s Mission

The mission of the department of Agricultural Extension is to provide students with theories and knowledge that enable them to understand social phenomena in rural Pakistan and to analyze its problems; in addition to train students to become effective Extension agents in the area of human and rural development and Agricultural Extension activities; and provide students with social research methods that enable them to become unprecedented researchers in this field.


Department´s Vision

The departmental board of studies adopts the strategy of periodical revision and improvement as conditions change in the society, region and requirements of Higher Education Commission. The faculty bounds to the introduction and implementation of modern educational and training programs to students to enhance their capabilities and assist in improving the farming community in order to improve the cooperation between the society and the University. The graduates of the University are meant to be specialists in the different fields of Agricultural Extension. In addition, not only the University but also Agric. Extension department is acting as a center of research and development to serve the agricultural sector of the community and assist in solving its problems with part.


Department´s Objectives


  1. Preparation of qualified individuals in the discipline of Agricultural Extension activities to meet the needs of the country and the job market needs.
  2. Provide high quality education to produce Agric. Extension scientists who can assist in the advancement of the overall society.
  3. Continuous development of the undergraduate and post graduate programs to meet scientific advancement.
  4. Conduct research and applied studies that contribute to the solving rural and peri-urban developmental problems.
  5. Disseminate research-based knowledge.



Future Planning

Agricultural Extension is a selective informal type of education, fully directed to the capacity building of the productive sectors (farmers, rural families and rural youth). So we view the Department in the future as a research and training center in the area of rural Development and Extension at a national and regional levels.