Department of Horticulture


Welcome to the Department of Horticulture, The world of enchanting flowers, serene landscapes, mouth-watering fruits, nutritious vegetables and healing plants. Horticulture is the most focused and diverse discipline amongst all from agriculture. Our department specializes in a multitude of research areas and work on a very vast array of fruit, vegetables, ornamental and medicinal plants, turf, landscape design, tissue culture and plant biotechnology. The department serves as a home for instruction, research and outreach activities in all aspects of horticultural science with special emphasis on arid climate.


Faculty members possess a diverse array of expertise - both interdisciplinary (e.g. physiology, breeding, post-harvest, molecular biology, ecology and sustainable production), and commodity based (e.g., fruits/pomology, vegetables, viticulture, floriculture, nursery crops, design, and marketing) - which they utilize in their research, teaching and outreach programs, at both the national and international levels.


To meet the growing demand for knowledgeable professionals, the Department of horticulture offers degree programs for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate students. Coursework is assorted and in-line with the needs of modern horticultural industry and global issues. Our programs offer opportunities for research, field work, and interdisciplinary study. Many courses include field trips to farms, orchards, vineyards, golf courses, landscape management firms, and contemporary and historic landscapes.

We research questions and share knowledge that improve production efficiency, environmental quality, livelihoods, food security, and human well-being in food and farming systems. We're committed to promote managed horticultural ecosystems and plant biological systems that contribute to clean air and water, biodiversity, greenspace and overall liveability in Pothwar region and beyond.

Degree Offered:
  • B.Sc (Hons), Agriculture (Horticulture)
  • M.Sc (Hons) Horticulture
  • Ph.D. Horticulture

The major areas of research:
  • Introduction and acclimatization of Novel & Exotic Germplasm
  • Genetic Crop Improvement /Synthetic Seed Technology
  • Post-harvest Physiology/Technology
  • Protected Cultivation of Horticultural Crops
  • Vegetable Crop Production and Physiology
  • Floriculture and Landscape Designing
  • Value-addition of Horticultural Crops
  • Use of precision Horticulture Techniques to increase profitability
  • Micro-propagation through Tissue Culture Technology
  • Mushroom Culture and Medicinal Plants
  • Fruit Plant Cultivation under Arid Climate

Lab Research Units
  • Postharvest Physiology/Technology Lab
  • Vegetable Physiology and Precision Horticulture Lab
  • Landscape Design Lab
  • Plant Tissue Culture Lab
  • Horticultural Bio Technology Lab
  • Horticulture Field Lab (URF Koont)
  • Mushroom Production Unit

Field Research Units
  • Plant Propagation Unit
    • Two Semi controlled Glass houses
    • Two high Tunnels
    • Two walk-in tunnels
    • Grapes GPU
    • Kiwi Fruit GPU
    • Field Propagation Area
    • Rose Breeding plots
    • Vegetable Demonstration Area
  • Fruit Plant Production Area
    • One Semi controlled glasshouse
    • One Mist propagation
    • Two high Tunnels
    • Two walk-in tunnels
  • Horticulture Farm Area (URF Koont)
    • Fruit orchards (Fig, Grapes. Olive, Oranges, Sweet Lime, Lemon, Loquat, Kiwi fruit)
    • One high Tunnel
    • One Semi controlled glass house
    • One Chinese Solar Greenhouse
    • Precision Horticulture Demonstration fields