Department of Clinical Studies


The Department of Clinical Studies is one of the 5 constituents in the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. The Department of Clinical Studies in conjunction with other departments trains the undergraduate students in various disciplines of veterinary science. The department offers courses in the disciplines of: veterinary medicine, surgery, radiology, and theriogenology. Department also has facility to house the experimental animals for imparting practical training to the students. The theriogenology work is undertaken at Sihala Slaughter house and at the designated veterinary hospitals owned by the Livestock department of Government of the Punjab.


Pet Clinic


The Pet Clinic is a full service, tertiary care outdoor hospital located on the campus of Arid Agriculture University in Shamsabad, Muree Road, Rawalpindi. Our veterinary specialists provide veterinary health care for small animals like dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, exotic pets and birds, etc.


Large Animal Hospital


The Large Animal Teaching Hospital is a full service, tertiary care satellite hospital located at G.T. Road, Rawat, Rawalpindi. Our veterinary specialists provide care for large animals including bovine, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, camels, and deer etc.



To educate the undergraduate students in veterinary disciplines. To provide outstanding clinical services to the large and small animals of the citizens of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and surrounding regions.




The members of the Department of Clinical Studies will provide superior educational programs emphasizing experiential and lifelong learning; conduct innovative clinical, basic and comparative research; and provide outstanding comprehensive patient care and welfare programs.


Future Planning & Area of Expansion


  • Initiation of postgraduate degree including M.Phil and PhD.
  • Installation of state-of-the-art X-Ray Unit.
  • Initiation of artificial insemination at Large Animal Teaching Hospital, Rawat.
  • Extracorporeal production of embryos.
  • Cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos of animals.
  • Trangenesis of animals.
  • Methods of assessment of semen.