Faculty & Staff
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph.D, Post-Doc
Area of Interest: Vegetable Physiology & Ecology , Greenhouse Vegetable Production, Molecular Ecology, Organic Cultivation, Establishment of Soil less culture for Horticulture Crops
Email: drazam1980@uaar.edu.pk
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Pomology , Postharvest Fruit Physiology
Email: imranhc2000@yahoo.co.in
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: PhD Huazhong Agricultural University P. R. China
Area of Interest: Genetic Transformation, Protoplast Transformation, Plant Tissue Culture
Email: touqeerahmadhort@hotmail.com
Qualification: M.Sc(Hons)Hort, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
Area of Interest: Medicinal Plants and fruit production
Email: honey_neema@yahoo.com
Qualification: Ph.D. Massey University, New Zealand
Area of Interest: Turfgrass culture and Landscape Design, Nursery Management and Production, High Value Floricultural Crops, Ornamental Plant Taxonomy, Sustainable Urban Planning
Email: Umer_habib@hotmail.com, umer@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Optimization of tree fruit production practices (training system; pruning; PGRs; etc.) with focus on tree fruits and grapes, Cultural practices to optimize fruit size and quality, Nutrition management in tree fruit and grapes, Rootstock and scion evaluation, Pre and postharvest physiology, Maintain an active relationship with the regional extension workers regarding important production issues in tree fruits and grapes, Disseminate information relative to fruit production to the farmers especially in Pothohar region of Punjab, Pakistan, Present relevant research and production information at field days and commodity meetings
Email: arid132@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D. China Agricultural University Beijing P.R. China.
Area of Interest: Pre-harvest & Post-harvest, Biotechnology, Fruit Physiology, High Value Fruit Crops, Soft fruits
Email: drusmanali@uaar.edu.pk, Usmanali@pern.edu.pk
Qualification: PhD
Area of Interest: Germplasm characterization and conservation (Fruits/Vegetables crops), Screening and evaluation of promising genotypes, Pre-harvest management of horticultural crops, Quality improvement of horticultural crops through sustainable approaches, Understanding of abiotic plant stress mechanism in horticultural crops, Clonal propagation and meadow orchard system of horticultural crops, Use of nanoscience in horticulture.
Email: tahirakram786@uaar.edu.pk; tahiruaf786@gmail.com
Qualification: PhD
Area of Interest: Fruit Production, Crop Stress Physiology, Postharvest Crop Physiology, Tropical and Subtropical Fruits
Email: naveed138@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: PhD
Area of Interest: Pomology, Postharvest Fruit Physiology, Pre and Post Harvest of Horticultural crops, Hydroponics Soil less Culture Technology, Green House Crop Production/Protected Agriculture, Advance Fruit Production
Email: mehwishliaquat@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: PhD Horticulture, University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
Area of Interest: General Horticulture, Olericulture, Management and improvement in vegetable production, vegetable seed production, Protected vegetable cultivation and Tunnel technology
Email: dr.tanveer005@uaar.edu.pk , ch.tanver@gmail.com
Qualification: M.Sc. Hons
Area of Interest: Landscape & Design, Turf management
Email: us_qureshi@yahoo.com