Department of Farm Machinery and Precision Engineering



The vision of Pir Mehr Ali Shah (PMAS) Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi is to produce high quality agricultural scientists and to form an organized scientific infrastructure for teaching and research for the development of dry land regions of the country, thus minimizing the income gap between rich and poor.



The mission of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology is to teach, train and produce high quality engineering graduates to solve problems in agriculture specially focus on dry land/rainfed regions through research, development and adoption of precise engineering technologies and automation to improve the livelihood of farming community.



  • I.C Engines & Tractor Lab
  • Robotics and Mechatronics Lab
  • UAVs Precision Agriculture Lab
  • Thermodynamic Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • CNC and Machine Shop
  • Engineering Workshop
  • Food Engineering & Processing Lab



  • Design Modification of Ridge cum Fertilizer Spreader from Uniform to Variable Rate Distribution System
  • Development and Performance Evaluation of Small-Scale Forage Compactor.
  • Performance Evaluation of Auto Steering to Precise Cropping Pattern and Increase Yield Productivity.
  • Performance Evaluation of Peanut Picking Machine to Collect Leftover Pods from Field after Harvesting in Pothwar Region.
  • Portable Solar Powered Atmospheric Water Generator for Semi-Arid Subtropical Climate Region.
  • Real Time Seed Counting and Depth Control Mechanism for Precision Sowing.
  • Row Crop Site Specific Variable Rate Spraying System.
  • Variable Rate Spraying System for Site Specific Agrochemical Application.



  • Drone Pilot Training
  • Auto Steer Training
  • Solid Works Training
  • 3D Designing and Printing
  • Farm Machinery & Power Certificate
  • Farm Machinery Repair/Maintenance Certificate
  • Operational Efficiencies of Farm Machinery Certificate
  • Drawing Principles and CAD/CAM Certificate
  • Emerging Farm Systems Certificate