Vice Chancellor's Vision


The vision of the Vice Chancellor is to establish and enhance PMAS-Arid Agriculture University as a quality-focused higher education institution that provides excellent academic and research environment for producing researchers and scholars in the fields of Agriculture, IT, Business, Education and Veterinary Sciences.


The vision is to craft this institute a place attracting intellectuals from all over the world. For promoting our faculties to handle arid agriculture issues we are planning to have our campuses in middle-east and/or other countries facing desertification. We plan that the university should serve as a platform for connecting link for creating intercultural understanding and promoting dialogue and sharing among nations, cultures and societies by providing research based academic programs in Agriculture, IT, Business, Education and Veterinary Sciences.


Being an Agricultural University, faculty must facilitate the farmers of our country to get optimum benefits from their resources through utilization of research being carried on in the labs and practicing proposed methods in the field. Replacing the old and traditional methods with advanced modern technology from production of crops to value-added by-products at the Farm Gate is the real milestone for the university which will ultimately uplift the economy of Pakistan.


We are establishing relationships with successful universities and research organizations at national and international level through joint strategies for education, research, infrastructure and administrative developments. This will ultimately result in professional working conditions which will boost the confidence level of our students, researchers and encourage our alumni.