Faculty & Staff
Dr. Mansoor Abdullah

Ph.D (Physiology)
Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Phone : +92-051-9290115  
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Email : @uaar.edu.pk
Address : Department of Veterinary Basic Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, PMAS,
Work Experience : 5 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Endocrine Physiology (Pituitary Gland Ontogeny and avian pituitary gland at different physiological stages) & Macrophage Immunology
  • Total Publications : 10
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. MANSUR A. SANDHU, ZIA U. RAHMAN and SAJJAD U. RAHMAN 2006. Dynamics of macrophages in laying hens during second and third production cycles after zinc induced molting. J. Poult. Sci. 43: 286-294.

    2. SANDHU, M.A., Z.U. RAHMAN and S.U. RAHMAN 2007. Effects of induced molting on some immunological parameters in laying hens (Gallus domesticus). Arch. Geflugelkd. 71 (3): S. 110-116. (Impact Factor 0.345)

    3. ANDHU, M.A., Z.U. RAHMAN, I. JAVED and S.U. RAHMAN 2007. Changes in macrophage functions during molt-induced second and third production cycles in laying hens. Arch. Geflugelkd. 71 (4): S. 181-186. (Impact Factor 0.345)

    4. SAJID, M., Z. IQBAL, G. MUHAMMAD, M.A. SANDHU, M.N. KHAN, M. SAQIB, M.Z. IQBAL 2007. Effect of ivermectin on the cellular and humoral immune responses of rabbits. Life Sci. 80: 1966-1970. (Impact Factor; 2.389)

    5. MANSUR A. SANDHU, ZIA U. RAHMAN, SAJJAD U. RAHMAN and IJAZ J. HASSAN. 2007. Dynamics of innate immune response in Gallus domesticus using two methods of induced molting. Vet. Immunol. Immunopathol. 120: 106-114. (Impact Factor; 1.994)

    6. M.A. SANDHU, Z.U. RAHMAN, I.J. HASAN, S.U. RAHMAN and M.S. YOUSAF 2008. Changes in luteinizing-hormone containing gonadotrophs after molting induced by fasting and zinc in laying hens (Gallus domesticus). J. Anim. Physiol. Anim. Nutri. 92: 668-676. (Impact Factor; 1.171)

    7. YOUSAF, M.S., Z.U. RAHMAN, M.A. SANDHU, S.A. BUKHARI, and A. YOUSAF. 2009. Comparison of the fast-induced and high dietary zinc-induced molting: Trace elements dynamic in serum and eggs at different production stages in hens (Gallus domesticus). J. Anim. Physiol. Anim. Nutri. 93: 35-43. (Impact Factor; 1.171)

    8. AVED, I., Z. IQBAL, ZIA-UR-RAHMAN, M. ZARGHAM KHAN, F. MUHAMMAD., M.A. SANDHU, and J.I. SULTAN. 2009. Disposition kinetics and optimal dosage of ciprofloxacin in domestic ruminant species. ACTA VETERINARIA BRNO 78:155-162. (Impact Factor; 0.449)

    9. MANSUR A. SANDHU, ASIF RIAZ, ZIA U. RAHMAN, SAJJAD U. RAHMAN AND NEMAT ULLAH. 2010. Somatotrophs and lactotrophs: an immunohistochemical study of Gallus domesticus pituitary gland at different stages of zinc induced molt. EURO. J. HISTOCHEM. 54:e25: 123-127. (Impact Factor; 1.809)

    10. JEFF SCHWARTZ, MANSUR SANDHU, KIRSTEN FARRAND, EVA SZAREK, CAROLINE McMILLEN, DANIEL HOUGHTON, ROSS YOUNG, AND NURUL-ARINA SALEH. 2010. Effect of surgical isolation of pituitary from hypothalamic influences on corticotroph development in fetal sheep. FASEB J. 24: 629.4 (Impact Factor; 7.049)