Sports Gymnasium

Education is meant for the purpose of training of mind and Physical Education for the body of a young man to live phgysicall fit and drink positively.

Above in mind , the Sports Gymnasium of PMAS-AAUR has completed and is ready for use to organize sports activites. The sports Gymnasium comprising of multipurpose hall provides indoor sports facilites along with equipped fitness centre . The etaails are as under:

NAME: Khalid M. Khan Gymnasium

Size of Hall 113*66sqft (W.F)
Height OF Main Hall 31 ft
Built Up Area 11062 sqft
Seating Capacity for General Public 340 Seats
Purpose of the Hall For competitions/ practicing all indoor games
Sound Facility Sound Amplificatin System with Speakers
Changing Rooms 2
Lockers 32
TV and Radio commentary Box 01
Electric Score Board 01
Badminton Rubber Court 02


Following shall be eligible for using the sports facilities at Sports Gymnasuim.

  1. Students of PMAS-Arid Agriculture University (boys and girls)
  2. Permanent Empoyees and their family members of PMAS-Arid Agriculture University
  3. Members of Sports Associations, Federations, Higher Education Commission etc.



  1. For individual games like Badminton and Table Tennis etc. the registration fee shall be Rs. 500/- per head and monthly fee Rs. 200/- per head will be charged from the members.
  2. Similary, for fitness Centre (GYM) the registration fee shall be Rs. 500/- per head (Non refundable).
  3. Monthly GYM charges wil be Rs 300/-.
  4. The members of GYM shall pay all their dues before 10th  of each month. Failure to pay the monthly GYM charges may lead to the removal of such members from their membership.

Reservation Of Gymnasium


  • Sports Gymnasium may be reserved by any Sport Association/ Federation, Educational Institutions and Sports Club on payment of Rs. 3000/- per day . They shall have to obtain permission from the Vice Chancellor, PMAS-AAUR for its use.
  • In case of misconduct or any damages in the sports arena the allotee will be responsible and have to pay the price of the damae items.
  • The charges for hiring the sports gymnasium will be deposited before the start of event.
  • Lockers

    32 Lockers are available. Interested members may apply for lockers in a separate application. Monthly fee for each locker is Rs.100/- (First come first serve basis).


Timing shall be observed for the use of sports Gymnasium as notified by the authority concerned.

06 : 00 AM to 08 : 00 AM Male (All working days)
10 : 00 AM to 01 : 00 PM Male (All working days)
02 : 00 PM to 05 : 00 PM Female (All working days)
05 : 30 PM to 10 : 00 PM Male (All working days)

Note: During Championshiop/Tournments the sports facilities shall remain suspended for individual players/members.

Directorate of Sports