Directorate of Planning & Development

Director’s Message

It gives me an immense pleasure to be a part of PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, since the inception of the P&D Department; I have an aim to provide excellence in the field of Planning and Development. In accordance with this aim, I and my team have set standards for achieving ultimate excellence in field of Planning and Development. Being a pioneer Director of the P&D Department It makes me to feel proud that in last 2 years more 2000 million rupees have been released/arranged from the funding/donor agencies for the development of the University.

In addition to this various development project for FY 2017-18 worth more than 1,400 million rupees, are the phase of approval and release of funds. It is pertinent to share with you that Directorate of P&D took the funding and development level ever higher in the history of the university. Undoubtedly, the efforts of the Worthy Vice Chancellor, Pro. Dr. Qamar-Uz-Zaman will never be forgotten, he is a very committed and visionary to bring the university at the top of the list.

Finally, Directorate of P&D will continue its efforts for the betterment of students in providing exclusive infrastructure in the university.

Dr. Shahid Ali Khan
Director (P&D)
PMAS-Arid Agriculture University
051 - 9292140

Introduction & History

The Directorate of Planning and Development is the backbone of an organization and plays a vital role in growth and development of an organization. PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi was established in 1994, since the inception there was no separate Planning & Development Directorate in the university. Earlier P&D Section was functioned under the Directorate of Research. Keeping in view the requirements of development and growth of the university, a separate Directorate of Planning & Development was established in 2015, under the direct supervision and control of the Vice Chancellor.

Since the approval of P&D Department as an independent department of the university, a visible increase in funding and development