Research Project


(Million Rs.)
1 Development of in plant transformation system for wheat Dr. Abdul Razzaq 24 1.892 19-11-2005 Completed HEC
2 Evaluation of high yielding and drought resistant canola cultivars in Pothwar Prof. Dr. Fayyaz ul Hassan 36 0.575 13-05-2003 Completed PSF
3 Sustainable cropping pattern for Pothwar plateau Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azim Malik 36 3.0336 12/5/2003 Completed PARC
4 Integrated weed control for major Rabi crops (wheat & rapeseed and fallow land Pothwar). Prof. Dr. Muhammad Azim Malik 36 2.22 15-06-2004 Completed PARC
5 Phenotypic plasticity of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) in response to environment and integrated nutrient management. Prof. Dr. Fayyaz-ul -Hassan 36 1.913 29-04-2008 Completed PARC
6 Allelopathic crop residue use for weed management in rain-fed areas of Punjab Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf 36 4.562 6/4/2007 Completed HEC
7 Component-I: Strengthening informal seed supply system at two locations in Pothwar through participatory technology transfer Dr. Abdul Razzaq 24 2.087 01.07.2011 Completed UAF
8 Potential application of nanotechnology in crop/vegetable growth, nutrient use efficiency, crop tissue culture and tolerance to osmotic stress Dr. Abdul Razzaq 36 4.384 16.12.2011 On going HEC
9 Promotion of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) through participatory approach in Pothwar Prof. Dr. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan 36 3.077 21.03.2012 On going PARC
  Total     23.7436      
1 Evaluation of soil moisture depletion pattern, soil microbial activity & biomass under different types of terracing in Pothwar.� Prof. Dr. M.I. Lone 24 1.288 6/9/2006 Completed HEC
2 Characterization and quantification of soil iron oxides and their effect on phosphorus sorption.� Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Akhtar 36 5.87 13.11.2007 Completed HEC
3 Potential of mungbean & mush bean to fix nitrogen & benefit the subsequent wheat crop in wheat. Prof. Dr. Safdar Ali 36 0.588 2006* Completed PSF
4 Impact of tillage system Legumes and mulches on soil profile moisture dynamics and wheat production Prof. Dr. Safdar Ali 36 2.000 28-06-2005 Completed PARC
5 Isolation of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) from legumes rhizosphere and their in n2 fixation by legumes under rain-fed conditions of Pothwar Prof. Dr. Safdar Ali 36 2.618 10/6/2008 Completed HEC
6 Characterization of soil bacteria using gene sequencing and response of cereal to associative N2 � fixer and P-solubilizers Dr. Riffat Hayyat 36 3.628 12.11.2010 On going HEC
7 Stimulation of soil biological activity through organic amendments for enhancing phosphorus availability in soil-plant system Dr. Khalid Saifullah Khan 36 5.855 15.12.2011 On going HEC
8 Isolation and Identification of plant growth promoting N2-fixing soil bacteria using macular techniques for improving legume cereal cropping system Dr. Riffat Hayyat 36 1.34 16-.06-2009 On going PSF
9 Inter-Comparison of CENTURY and DSSAT Model Simulations to Improve Soil Based Climate Change Resilience and Adaptability of Rainfed Crop Production Systems n Pakistan Dr. Shahzada Sohail Ijaz 36 3.584 16.10.2014 Ongoing HEC
10 Enhancing Biological Nitrogen Fixation, Soil Water Holding Capacity and Agronomic Benefits Through Biochar Application in Dryland Area Dr. Qaiser Hussain 36 4.004 29.09.2014 Ongoing HEC
11 Evaluation of biochar from different sources to control heavy metal toxicity to soil Microorganisms and Plants Dr. Muhammad Akmal 24 2.235 15.02.2016 Ongoing HEC
  Total     33.01      
1 Collection of loquat genotypes of Pakistan and their multiplication through conventional vegetative methods and tissue culture techniques Prof. Dr. Nadeem Akhtar Abbasi 36 2.565 24.03.2010 Completed HEC
2 Pre and postharvest treatments of food grade chemicals to improve peach fruit quality and shelf life Prof. Dr. Nadeem Akhtar Abbasi 36 2.407 27.7.2010 Completed PSF
3 Component-III: Technology transfer to potato growers in relation to pathogen free seed potato, management of diseases and adoption of improved agro techniques Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad Hafiz 24 2.125 01.07.2011 Completed UAF
4 Production of pathogen free, true to type olive plants through tissue culture Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad Hafiz 36 3.876 30.03.2010 On going HEC
5 Varietal improvement of gladiolus through in vitro mutation Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad Hafiz� 36 3.079 08.12.2010 On going HEC
6 Improving Yield Quality and Storage Life of Bell Pepper by Use of Food Grade Chemicals Prof. Dr. Nadeem Akhtar Abbasi 36 2.875 09.04.2014 Ongoing PSF
7 Improvement of Berry Quality and Post Harvest Performance of Grapes cv. Parlette and King’s Ruby by Using Food Grade Chemicals Prof. Dr. Nadeem Akhtar Abbasi 36 10.194 06.06.2014 Ongoing HEC
8 Somatic Hybridization for Citurs Improvement: A Way Towards a Low Input Sustainable Citrus Culture in Pakistan Dr. Touqeer Ahmad 36 12.51 03.12.2015 Ongoing HEC
  Total     39.631      
1 Screening drought tolerance wheat genotypes and estimation of the genetic basis Prof. Dr. Muhammad Munir 36 1.967 6/6/2004 Completed PARC
2 Identifying drought tolerant synthetic wheat lines and determining their genetic diversity through DNA makers. Prof. Dr. M. Kausar Nawaz Shah 24 2.618 13.01.2010 On going HEC
3 Genetic Analysis of SUMOylation in Tomato and its Role in Plant Defence Dr. Saad Imran Malik 24 1.14 15.10.2013 Ongoing IFS
4 Improvement of Host Disease Resistance in Tomato Through Genetic Transformation Dr. Saad Imran Malik 36 3.669 13.01.2016 Ongoing HEC
  Total     9.394      
1 Virulence analysis of Puccinia striformis population triggering strip rust of wheat in Punjab and NWFP Prof. Dr. Irfan ul Haq 24 1.288 29-12-2005 Completed HEC
2 Distribution and management of root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) Dr. Tariq Mukhtar 36 1.998 12.12.2007 Completed UAF
3 Disease mapping and characterization of lentil wilt pathogen in Pakistan Prof. Dr. Abdul Rauf 24 1.965 13.05.2010 Completed PSF
4 Component-II: Rhizobacterial formulations application technology for the control of major pathogenic root infecting fungi in chickpea for sustainable crop production Dr. M. Inam Ul Haq 24 1.787 01.07.2011 Completed UAF
5 Genetic diversity and phylotyping of Ralstonia solanacearum strains causing bacterial wilt of chillies in major chilli growing areas of Pakistan Dr. Tariq Mukhtar 36 5.346 08.12.2010 On going HEC
6 Surveillance and pathogen characterization of bacterial canker of stone fruits using biochemical and molecular methods and its bio-management Dr. M. Inam Ul Haq 36 5.686 03.01.2013 Ongoing HEC
7 Studies on characterization and management of leaf crinkle virus infecting black gram Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq 36 2.073 13.06.2011 On going PSF
8 Utilization of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for the induction of systemic resistance in potato seed against bacterial rot diseases Dr. M. Inam-ul-Haq 36 1.919 13.06.2011 On going PSF
9   Molecular studies on a complex of potyviruses infecting solanaceous vegetable / crops in Pakistan and their management Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq 12 1.16 September, 2012 On going IFS
10 Nematodes Infecting Temperate Fruits in Pakistan and their Management Dr. Tariq Mukhtar 36 5.22 2014 On going PSF
11 Surveillance and Characterization of Pathogens Infecting Loquat in Pakistan Dr. Farah Naz 36 2.271 2014 Ongoing PSF
12 Development of Bio-Pesticides for the Control of Soil-Borne Diseases of Tomatoes and Chillies Caused by Pythium and Phytophthora spp. Dr. M. Inam-ul-Haq 36 3.947 21.01.2014 Ongoing PARB
  Total     34.66      
1 Biosystemics of dragon flies of Pakistan Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem 36 1.405 3/8/2004 Completed HEC
2 Integrated management of stored chickpea beetle, Callosobruchus linnaeus. Dr. Muhammad Aslam 36 0.6 2004 Completed PSF
3 Insecticide resistance in Plutella xylostella and its implication in integrated management. D. Abdul Khaliq 36 2.0904 10/2/2003 Completed PARC
4 Establishing year-round rearing facilities of bumble bees, important pollinator of commercial fruit and vegetable crops. Dr. Munir Ahmad 36 4.521 26.07.2011 On going HEC
5 Insecticide Resistance and inechanisms of resistance in brinjal shoot and fruit borer Leucinodes orbonalis (Lepidoptera: pyralidae) Dr. Asim Gulzar 24 1.344 19.08.2013 On going PSF
6 Mosquito Fauna of Pothwar Region: A Resource-Based Approach” Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem 24 1.796 Apr-14 Ongoing PSF
7 Ants- aphid’s Mutualistic Assocation, Its Impact on Biological Parameters of Aphids and Predation of Coccinelids’ Dr.Imran Bodlah� 36 1.953 2014 Ongoing PSF
  Total     13.7094      
1 Selection and characterization of starter culture for fermented milk products Prof. Dr. Tariq Masud 36 1.635 3/8/2005 Completed HEC
2 Selection of Probiotic cultures for yogurt making� Prof. Dr. Tariq Masud,� 36 0.239 24-04-2007 Completed PSF
3 Value Addition of Selected Stone Fruits by Osmotic Dehydration and Hot Air Drying Dr. Anwaar Ahmed 24 4.018 11.06.2014 Ongoing HEC
4 Characterization of Nutraceutical Potential of Buckwheat and value Addition of Cereal Products Dr. Anwaar Ahmed 24 5.78 15.07.2015 Ongoing HEC
5 Screening for the Selection of Exopolysaccharide-Producing Strains for Yoghurt Making Prof. Dr. Tariq Masud 36 8.058 07.12.2015 Ongoing HEC
  Total     19.73      
1 Collaboration between ISA and UAAR� Prof. Dr. S. M. Saqlan Naqvi�� 36 0.3 2005 Completed HEC
2 Study of polyphenol oxides activity and its association with molecular markers in different r wheat genotypes. Prof. Dr. S. M. Saqlan Naqvi 36 3.789 28-12-2006 Completed HEC
3 Production and utilization of Bio Fuels from sweet Sorghum Prof. Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz 24 1.719 2/10/2004 Completed HEC
4 Cloning and sequencing of major DNA components of banana bunchy top virus from Pakistan� Prof. Dr. S. M. Saqlan Naqvi 36 0.873 1/11/2005 Completed PSF
5 Tissue culture and transformation studies in Banana for disease eradication/resistance. Prof. Dr. S. M. Saqlan Naqvi 36 0.873 5/7/2005 Completed PSF
6 Investigation of role of Germane like proteins during germination by construction of rice plants engineered for sense and anti sense expression of rice GLPs. Prof. Dr. S. M. Saqlan Naqvi 36 2.473 22-03-2002 Completed PARC
7 Isolation, purification and monitory analyses for production edible oil from wild olive. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz 36 5.988 21-03-2009 On going HEC
8 Production of Butanol and ethanol from agricultural and Municipal Wastes Prof. Dr. Muhammad Gulfraz 36 4.285 08.09.2010 On going HEC
9 Characterization of putative promoter elements in OsRGLP2 promoter region Prof. Dr. S.M Saqlan Naqvi 36 7.61 28.09.2011 On going HEC
10 Determination of biological activities and micropropagation of Polygonum amplexicaulis; A popular medicinal plant of North Pakistan Dr. M. Sheraz Ahmad 24 2.072 23.02.2011 On going PSF
11 Identification of Genetic Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome in a Pakistani Population of Local Origin Dr. Ghazala Kaukab Raja 36 3.905 25.06.2013 Ongoing HEC
12 Establishment of Tissue Culture and Genetic Transformation Protocol for Local Varieties of Lentil (Lens Culinaris Medik) Prof. Dr. S. M. Saqlan Naqvi 36 4.524 23.05.2014 Ongoing HEC
13 Screening of Cellulose Degrading Extremophilic Enzymes From Indigenous Fungi and Study of Site-Directed Mutagenesis Strategies to Enhance Their Activity Dr. Muhammad Javaid Asad 36 3.264 21.08.2014 Ongoing HEC
14 Nutritional quality assessment and comarison of commonly consumed rainfed arid cereal verities of Pakistan for their effective marketing and commercialization Dr. Feroza Hamid Wattoo 36 5.036 10.03.2016 Ongoing HEC
  Total     46.711      
1 The epidemiological studies on bovine fasciolosis leading to the development of forecasting model to assess site specific risk on Indus river basin in Punjab Prof. Dr. Mazhar Qayyum 36 2.0971 8/7/2005 Completed HEC
2 Repercussion of depletions in vulture populations on the ecology of the Pothwar Region Dr. Sajid Nadeem 36 2.472 3/7/2008 Completed HEC
3 Isolation / Identification of Pathogen Bacteria from Buffalo Bulls Semen � development of high efficiency antibiotic combination to improve fertility rate Dr. Shamim Akhtar 36 2.79 20-05-2008 Completed HEC
4 Identification of Chemically defined extenders for cryo preservation of buffalo bull spermatozoa� Dr. Shamim Akhtar, 36 1.36 19-03-2008 Completed PSF
5 Ecology, status and management of Fisheries in Mangla Dam Dr. Muhammad Sajid Nadeem 36 0.998 16-06-2009 Completed PSF
6 Biology and management of porcupine in central Punjab Prof. Dr. Afsar Mian 36 2.094 7/7/2003 Completed PARC
7 Detection of multiple anthelimintie resistance of nematodes in small ruminants grazing in barani region Prof. Dr. Mazhar Qayyum 36 1.208 14-07-2008 Completed PSF
8 Population size, food Habits and Economic Importance of Commensal Rodents in Rural Pothwar Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq 36 3.624 16.06.2011 On going HEC
9 Screening of different avian egg yolks for cryopreservation of buffalosemen: a step to improve fertility in buffaloes with frozen semen Dr. Shamim Akhtar 24 3.472 26.07.2011 On going HEC
10 Biodiversity and ecology of bats and rodents in the thorn forests and croplands of the Potohar plateau Dr. Amjad Rashid Kayani 36 2.122 06.06.2011 On going PSF
11 Biological Control of Rats and Mice in Agricultural Areas of Pothwar Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) Dr. Muhammad Sajid Nadeem 36 6.267 10.10.2013 Ongoing HEC
12 Evaluation for Antifreeze Proteins Extracted From Various Sources for Cryopreservation of Buffalo Spermatozoa Dr. Shamim Akhtar 24 2.405 21.06.2016 Ongoing HEC
  Total     30.9091      
1 Characterization to determine the adaptive role of Dehydrins under drought stress in wheat Dr. Rehana Asghar 36 2.943 30-03-2006 Completed PARC
2 Exploring of genetic variation for drought tolerance in wheat by using physiological biochemical attributes Dr. Noshin Ilyas 36 5.893 10/2/2007 On going HEC
3 Virulence Analyses of Xanthomonas campestris pv sesami and Pseudomonas syringae pv sesami the causal organisms of sesame (Sesamum indicum L) bacterial blight.�� Dr. Abida Ikram 24 6.413 12/11/2007 On going HEC
4 Ethnobotanical survey of Thal desert, Punjab, Pakistan Dr. Rehmatullah Qureshi 36 1.783 16-06-2009 On going PSF
5 Expression of pathogenesis - related (PR) proteins to acquire systemic resistance against fungal pathogens (Alternaria and Fusarium) of sesame Dr. Abida Akram 36 3.358 26.05.2016 Ongoing HEC
  Total     20.39      
1 The WTO Agreement and its impacts on the farm sector with emphasis on small holders Prof. Dr. Sarfraz Ahmad Mian 24 1.621 10/8/2005 Completed PARC
2 Comparative economics of fish farming in four districts of Pothwar region Prof. Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed Mian 12 0.813 03.03.2011 Completed HEC
  Total     2.434      
1 Strengthening of Wildlife Food Habits Study Laboratory Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain 12 0.913 2009 Completed HEC
2 Baseline Studies on Wildlife Diversity in Selected Protected Areas of Pakistan Dr. Maqsood Anwar 36 1.364 8/4/2009 Completed HEC
3 Ecology on Indian pangolin Manis Crassicaudata in Potohar Region Dr. Tariq Mahmood� 36 2.158 25.12.2010 Completed HEC
4 Baseline Studies on Wildlife Diversity in Selected Protected Areas of Pakistan (Phase-II) Dr. Maqsood Anwar 36 3.916 28.11.2013 Ongoing HEC
5 Spatail distribution of habitats influences anuran diversity and space use in the landscape implications for conservation beyond species level Dr. Muhammad Rais, 12 1.2 03.09.2013 Ongoing IFS
6 Role of Crop Field Boundary Vegetation in Population Ecology of Passerine Birds in Pothwar Area Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain 24 0.6 30.10.2013 Ongoing WWF
Ecologically-based Rodent Management in Croplands of Pothwar Plateau, Pakistan Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain 36 7.363 22.08.2014 Ongoing HEC
8 Are Anurans Impacted by Urbanization? Anuran Monitoring and Conservation in a Human dominated Landscape Dr. Muhammad Rais 36 8.198 09.03.2015 Ongoing HEC
  Total     25.712      
1 Monitoring of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons exposure among highway toll bar attendants and gt road bus drivers as indicator of environmental and occupational hazards in suburbs of Rawalpindi and Islamabad cities Dr. Audil Rashid,� 12 1.16 23.02.2012 Completed HEC
2 Biotreatment of Industrially Discharged Azo Dye Contaminants Using Bioaugmentation Dr. Azeem Khalid 36 3.911 06.01.2012 On going PSF
3 Utilizing bacterial ACC-deaminase biotechnology to mitigate impact of water stress (drought) on cereal crops Dr. Azeem Khalid 36 3.8 20.01.2010 On going PARB
4 Biotreatment of Tannery Wastewater and Its Application for Biomass Production of Energy Crops Dr. Azeem Khalid 36 13.769 11.06.2015 Ongoing HEC
  Total     22.64      
1 Developing high trait hybridized/mutant scavengers chicken for rural� poultry Prof. Dr. Nemat Ullah 36 3.346 11/7/2006 Completed HEC
2 Conservation of Urial through semen preservation Prof. Dr. Nemat Ullah 36 2.216 14-11-2007 Completed HEC
3 Development of breed identification marker for Pakistani dairy cattle breeds Dr. Muhammad Moaeen-ud-Din 36 4.423 15.08.2013 On going PSF
4 Development of Genetic Evaluation Model for Dhanni Cattle as Potential Beef Cattle in Potohar Region of Punjab Dr. Ghulam Bilal 36 3.086 2014 Ongoing PSF
5 Collaborative Research for Genetic Conservation and Improvement of Pakistani Goats jointly funded by USAID and HEC Dr. Muhammad Moaeen-ud-Din 36 59.02 2013 On going HEC & USAID
6 Preparation and Application of Multi-Epitopes DNA Vaccines Against Newcastle Disease� Dr. Muhammad Ali Abdullah Shah 36 4.783 03.06.2014 Ongoing HEC
7 Development of Breeding Objective for Improved Milk Protein Quality of Dairy Animals Dr. Ghulam Bilal 24 3.272 26.11.2014 Ongoing HEC
8 Evaluation of Intravenous Hypersomotic Sodium Bicarbonate Solution as an Adjunct to Antibiotic Therapy on Acid-Base Status and� Cardiovascular Function in Buffalo Calves with Induce and Spontaneous Neonatal Diarrhea Associate with Escbericbia Coli; Dr.Muhammad Arif Zafar� 36 2.589 19.11.2014 Ongoing PSF
  Total     82.735      
1 Demonstrational Hydroponic Model of Vegetable Production Under Shade House Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad 12 1.786 27.07.2013 Ongoing UAF
  Total     1.786      
  Grand Total     407.1951