Vision & Mission


  • To serve the advancement of teaching, learning and research within the organization by providing solutions to the information needs of our clients through efficient, effective and innovative services.
  • To bring the much dreamed advancement in our society through information technology, which will change the lives of our people for ever.
  • Let’s grow together. Let’s learn, teach, share and support each other.

Library intends to achieve this by:

  • Equipping our students with ideas and skills for making a difference in our society and becoming the real agent of change.
  • Bringing novel ideas, unmatchable products and unsurpassable services to set standards for others.
  • Strategic partnership with knowledge organizations in general and industry in particular.
  • Providing a supporting and enabling environment to the talented faculty and outstanding students. This will produce graduates who can distinguish themselves by their professional competence, humanistic outlook, ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem solving, and other organizational and managerial skills.



The library, using its allocated resources accomplices as its mission through its following activities;

  • To encourage learning by creating learning community and promoting information competency in its constituency.
  • Creating a learning environment and experiences that produce competency in the use of resources and in research methodologies.
  • Designing instructional services and programs that foster learning and collaboration with faculty in other academic units of AAUR.
  • Offering customer oriented assistance in selecting, locating and using resources.
  • Providing appropriate access to resources by all of its patrons.
  • To provide access to automated knowledge and information resources by Acquiring balanced information and knowledge resources to support AAUR’s academic programs.
  • Providing fast and timely access to local and international books and information resources.
  • To provide infrastructure for supporting information needs of the users by Providing books, periodicals and journals using information technology to meet changing information needs of the users.
  • Providing well-equipped and secure facilities that encourage study and learning.
  • Marinating suitable number of workstations to support the use of IT services like computing, photocopying and internet etc.
  • Developing a consistent, easy to use and identifiable interface to library resources for use through internet.
  • As a dynamic organization that evolves to meet changing needs by assessing its effectiveness in a variety of ways including periodic user’s needs and satisfaction surveys.
  • Building an organizational structure that anticipates changing information technologies to meet patron’s needs and expectations.
  • Encouraging professional growth and career development of its staff.