Institute of Hydroponic Agriculture (IHA)

About IHA  

Crop growing in soil is difficult because it involves large space, a lot of labor and large volume of water and in some places like metropolitan areas, soil is not available for crop growing. Hydroponics, also known as Soil-less Culture, is a system of growing plants which can also reduce some problems being experienced in growing crops in soil. Basically it is an innovative technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions with the use of various growing media such as rock wool, coconut fiber (coir), peat, perlite, vermiculite etc. to provide mechanical support to plants. The exclusive use of nutrient solution in Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is widely used for crop production. The practical and skillful application of Aeroponic and Aquaponic are worth mentioning for horizontal and/or vertical farming in modern agriculture.


Hydroponics is a unique concept for Pakistan agriculture having several avenues where it can be used to successfully grow vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, cut- flowers and grasses in the country. The major advantages of hydroponics over soil culture are more efficient nutrition regulation, availability in regions of the world having non-arable lands, efficient use of water and fertilizers, ease and low cost of sterilization of media and higher density planting thus leading to increased yields per acre. Hydroponics is the most appropriate alternative for poverty alleviation and food security to meet the future challenges in the agriculture sector.


The existing system of Hydroponic Agriculture expands on 13.5 acres of land (out of which 5 acres is covered under automated greenhouses) and is located near Rawat, a 30 km from Rawalpindi on the way to Grand Trunk (GT) Road. It is highly advanced, sophisticated and first of its kind of hydroponic agriculture facility in the country. Starting in early 2005 this university (PMAS-AAUR) cutting edged system of plant production handled research and development activities during 2009 that later in 2016 upgraded, to be a part of Institute of Hydroponic Agriculture (IHA). Besides, indigenous hydroponic replica units are also developed there to indigenize the component parts of the hydroponic system cost-effective basis.


Institute of Hydroponic Agriculture greatly signifies to impart a practical but full of knowledge training to farmers and students in addition to the various segments of community for better quality and higher yield perspective. IHA emphasis on:-

  • Arranging training programs for farmers, students and in-service staff
  • Increase and diversify fruits and vegetable production technology
  • To produce high yielding and better quality fruits and vegetables
  • Preparing models for hydroponics vegetables for kitchen gardening


The Institute further emphasis on continuous supply of quality produce and cater the need of local, national and international market as per standard criterion. To initiate the degree programs and long duration (1-2 years) diplomas in hydroponics are also included in future targets. The Institute focuses to have a close collaboration with the international agencies/organizations/universities for sharing information related to research and teaching excellence apart from practical sharing of experienced knowledge and skill for the improvement of Hydroponic Agriculture.


The Institute is hectically involved in the teaching of supporting courses (e.g. Introduction to Hydroponic Agriculture) to the classes of undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Crop & Food Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology of this university.


IHA has conducted several training programs/sessions successfully for farmers with the specific objective of training and demonstration of Hydroponic Agriculture technology to the progressive farmers under ADP funded project entitled “Testing indigenous hydroponic greenhouses for vegetable growing at different locations in Punjab”. The scheduled training programs as a part of Institute’s calendar are still going on.


Research related activities of students for M.Sc (Hons.) and Ph.D are also an important part of IHA. Internship in batches from different institutes/departments especially coordinated with faculties of Agri. Universities is still another salient feature aiming of this Institute.


A number of visitors from national and international universities/institutes visit the state-of-the-art of Hydroponic system. The IHA is ever ready to provide advisory/consultancy (for national interest) to the progressive farmers, industrialists and for those who are interested to make the entrepreneurial career for new Agri. graduates. The future and prosperity of our country depend on the adaptation of the novel and competitive agro-based technologies that would ultimately lead to strength the economy and increasing the standard of our people. Hydroponics is the right answer. Let’s peep into the window of opportunity.