Directorate of Advanced Studies

Message of the Director

The Directorate of Advance Studies is always striving for excellence to promote quality research in the university following the dynamic and enthusiastic approach of Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman to uplift the research at the level of modern world. To accomplish this objective following key initiatives have been taken by the Directorate of Advanced Studies:

  • The post graduate admission policy is designed by ensuring the availability of sufficient resources with the research Adviser.
  • Post-Graduate Research evaluation committee has been formulated to facilitate the research scholars
  • Research coordinators have been appointed in each department to facilitate the young scholars at different steps during their stay at the university.
  • Maintenance of lab books is being strictly monitored to ensure the generation of quality research and its implications
  • Regular meeting of the supervisory committee has been given a prime importance for continues guidance and to monitor the progress of research students
  • Ethical and proprietary prospects of the research have been given prime importance
  • Procedures are designed and implemented for synopsis and thesis evaluation
  • Digitalization of Postgraduate Student records
  • A comprehensive Seminar series has been designed for the training and Capacity Building of young faculty members and research Scholars

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Nasir
Director / Associate Professor
Advance Studies