DAS Functions

The functioins of Advanced Studied and the Research Board are to:

  • Maintenance of Student files of postgraduates.
  • Checking of GS-10 forms (i.e. Course Code, Course Titles and Credit Hours).
  • Approval of registration.
  • Approval of NOC/Migration Certificates.
  • Approval of Notification of Titles and Supervisory Committees.
  • Aproval of Notification of Synopsisazee.
  • Aproval of Notification of Discontinuation.
  • Aproval of Notification of Comprehensive Committees both Written and Oral.
  • Aproval of Notification of Defense of Synopsis and Thesis.
  • Requirement: {Title is according to the notification of DAS, Synopsis defense before submitting the synopsis & thesis defense before submitting the thesis 1st draf .
  • Preparation of agenda and conduct of meetings of ASRB.